Maryann Gallagher takes on Hollywood bullies in the entertainment industry

Maryann Gallagher and Carl Douglas, two prominent Los Angeles trial lawyers, stepped into the Hollywood mix to file a case on behalf of their Client Alan Elliott who spent 20 years bringing the Aretha Franklin documentary “Amazing Grace” to life. Elliot had been bullied and sabotaged by one of the powerhouse entertainment lawyers, Barry Tyerman, who continued for almost 10 years making hallow threats of litigation to kill any potential deal that Elliott made for sale of the movie so that Tyerman could then strongarm Elliott into cutting Tyerman into the deal.

Tyerman, who at one time represented Elliott , knew that even the whiff of a potential litigation when  a film is being shopped to major networks would kill the deal.  He used his power to try and bully Elliott and inject himself into  a part of the proceeds of Amazing Grace.  Gallagher and Douglas stood up against  this Hollywood powerhouse and  on Friday, a La Superior Court agreed that their claim could proceed against Tyerman.

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