Whistleblower Protection

California law encourages employees to speak out when they see something they believe is illegal being done by their employer, or being done by someone else at work.

California Law protects employees who make complaints about illegal behavior to their employer or to an outside government agency.

Your employer cannot fire you because you are trying to expose illegal activity.

California law provides protection to whistleblowers

An employee who complains to his supervisor or someone in the company with authority to take action, about something the employee believes to be illegal or unlawful is protected from retaliation.

Retaliation can consist of adverse actions such as demotions, denial of transfers, and termination.

An employee who complains to a government or outside agency about something the employee believes to be illegal or unlawful is protected from retaliation.

Even if disclosing the information is part of your job duties, the employer cannot retaliate against you for disclosing information that you believe shows there is illegal activity at work.

If you refuse to participate in illegal activity at work and you are demoted, transferred, or terminated, then you are also protected under the law.

If you have complained about something you believed was illegal at work, or complained that your employer was doing something illegal, then you were fired, give us a call.

The Law Offices of Maryann Gallagher is here to help. We believe that if you have the courage to stand up and speak out when you see something you believe is illegal happening at work, and you get fired because of it, we would like to help you recover the damages you are legally entitled to do.

There are a number of remedies available to you if you are retaliated against and terminated because you reported illegal actions. You may be entitled to receive your loss of wages, any promotions, bonuses or raises you were denied and the benefits you may have lost. You may also be entitled to recover for the emotional toll that the termination had on you.

You do not have to feel you are alone. We are here to help you. We are just a phone call away.

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