Torres v BE Aerospace

Wrongful termination of long-time employee results in $8.5 million award

Bianca Torres originally worked for the Delco Machine and Gear, Inc. from 1989 through 2001 when the company was acquired by B.E. Aerospace Inc. With B.E. Aerospace, Ms. Torres became the Quality Assurance Supervisor for the next eleven years. In 2011, her employer placed our client under the supervision of a new manager while at their Westminster facility, who terminated her from that position in 2012 after a total employment of 23 years.

Our firm was retained by Ms. Torres who claimed that she was replaced by a younger male employee that she had trained. We filed our case against B.E. Aerospace in June 2013 with verdict rendered in June, 2016 awarding Ms. Torres $75,000 in economic damages, $1,441,000 in non-economic damages, and $7,000,000 in punitive damages. The gross award totaled $8,516,000.

More details about this case can be found at this link.